About Me

I am a mother and grandmother from the Hudson Valley, New York, and I have been fascinated by knitting since my own mother put a pair of needles in my hands at 4 years old to keep her company in the afternoons – before there was TV! (But even now I can multi-task as I watch Law and Order.)

I never cease to be amazed that knitting and crochet stitches, quilting and embroidery can produce something of beauty and usefulness. Handbags were my first creations and when I began receiving compliments from family, friends, and even casual acquaintances when I was out and about in the supermarket, at a special event, walking the park, or even in an elevator, I decided to market my bags (pun intended!).

With encouragement from my children who introduced me to some marketing ideas, Sandy’s Creations was born.

Why do I knit, or crochet, or quilt, or embroider?
It gives me that peaceful inner feeling – finding a place that‘s just my own where I can design and create. It is the brightest part of my day, and when someone asks, “Did you make that bag?”, the smile that reaches my face starts deep inside my heart.

Bags are still a large part of my collection because nothing finishes off an outfit better than the right handbag. More than an accessory, it makes a statement – Look at me! I am useful, I am organized, I am beautiful! I get great pleasure in playing with a new design, or embellishment, or even doing research into market trends. I am constantly innovating, and now I have expanded my collection to include various clothing accessories, home décor and utility articles, stuffed toy animals, and gift-giving choices.

I hope that you will feel some of the same joy when you make a purchase from my boutique that I feel in creating them for you.

I would love to hear from you. In addition to leaving comments or a review on this website, you can find me on whichever social media you are comfortable with: Facebook (Sandy’s Creations), Pinterest (Sandy’s Creations), Twitter (@creations_sandy). Talk to you soon!

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