My Quilts and Afgans

My personal favorite quilts are memory quilts because they preserve in real picture form the special events from someone’s life.

But I equally love working on an afghan with a special theme like the Mermaid afghan below, or the Play/sleep blanket on the Babies and Children’s page.

Colors and sizes are your choice, as are the photos you might choose – download them to me. Also choose your batting loft – consider its use — for warmth, or decoration, or gift remembrance.


wedding quilt M and K 2005 001 (2)


Wedding quilt for southern bride and groom places a palm tree at the center.

Side one: photos surround their new family tree: his family on left, and hers on right from childhood to wedding – music chip is inserted into treasure chest at base of tree.

Side two: signature blocks from family and wedding guests.

A keepsake for years and years.


World Traveler Quilt for website



World Traveler quilt chronicles the life of a special person with wanderlust coupled with high achievement and aspirations.





Starburst quilt 001 (2)



Starburst quilt for a first apartment – dramatic in its single star presentation; startling in  its simplicity. Comfort and practicality all rolled into one.






Pics and Videos from old Samsung Android phone 1387 Pics and Videos from old Samsung Android phone 1386






Lap quilts for 2 little girls – one a lover of dance, and the other a lover of animals.

100_2288 100_2287 100_2286






Gift placemats for family — a family tree against a fabric background print befitting each family member. Caption reads: “Families – We all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same.”

Mermaid Afghan


This was a delight to work on, and the picture doesn’t do it full justice. All over the afghan are sprinkled sequins of the same colors that bring it to life. Reminiscent of the sea shot with sunshine from above that mermaids swim through so gracefully. Tassels add a whimsical touch. Great for snuggling on a cold winters’ night with a good book, or binge-watching your favorite TV series/movies.


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